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KwangHo Shin


Planets by Isidro Blasco

  1. New York
  2. Sidney
  3. Madrid

Artist Name: Christina Vlasenko
Tumblr: http://vlasssenko.tumblr.com/
coloured litographia

Eliot Elisofon - Marcel Duchamp Descending A Staircase, New York, LIFE Magazine, 1952     Photography

Something to think about: The Earth is 4.6 billion years old. Let’s scale that to 46 years. We have been here for 4 hours. Our industrial revolution began 1 minute ago. In that time, we have destroyed more than 50% of the world’s forests.
This isn’t sustainable.


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Sarah Anne Johnson (b. 1976, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) - 1: Party Boat, 2010  2: Explosions, 2011  3: Party’s Over, 2011  4: Black Box, 2010  5: Dark Cloud, 2010  6: Black Smoke, 2011  7: Fireworks, 2010  9: Ripple, 2011  from Arctic Wonderland series  Chromogenic Print, Hand Painted with Photospotting Ink, Acrylic Inks, Gouache, India Ink  8: Pink Sunset, 2003/2004 Chromogenic Print

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Drombeg stone circle (also known as The Druid’s Altar) - One of the most popular megalithic sites in Ireland stands as a humbler version of Stonehenge

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Cristina Troufa (b. 1974, Oporto, Portugal) - Hibernate, 2013     Paintings: Acrylics on Canvas
Bill Nye is my hero

The third graphic in the ‘Aroma Chemistry’ series looks at the chemical compounds that cause the smells before & after rain: http://wp.me/p4aPLT-fU

The science behind the smell of rain

You’ve had your whole FUCKING LIFE to think things over, what good’s a few minutes more gonna do you now?

The Shining (1980)

One of my favorite films of all time

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My eye caught a dark form lying on the river bottom. It took me a few moments to comprehend what I had stumbled upon. Lying peacefully in the shallow waters of the river, only a few meters from shore, was a full-grown cougar. The contrast between the serenity of the scene I was witnessing and what must have played out here in the cougar’s final moments made me shiver. It was the first shiver of many, as I stripped down and waded out into the icy water to get this shot. x


Armando Alvarez

I slimed my boyfriend

Je suis Rom N°2 by Felix Hemme